The Poems Of Caius Herrenius Felix



The Poems Of Caius Herennius Felix

WHEN SIX SCROLLS OF POETRY WERE DISCOVERED in a sealed cavern in Cadiz, Spain, the world was introduced to a new Latin poet, Caius Herennius Felix. Herennius, a maritime clerk, wrote about Epicureanism, Eudoxus the explorer, his friend Glabbis, a variety of lovers, and his true love Paccia Glycera, one of the famous dancing girls of Gades. As translated by Clarence W. Hudson, the poems are a vivid portrait of the poet, his friends and lovers, and the Roman port of Gades in first century A.D.

It would be a stunning discovery, except that Herennius, Glabbis, Paccia, the scholars who studied the scrolls, and the translator never existed. Author Jim Levy has populated an authentic and historically accurate first century Roman port city with fictitious characters.